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    (7-12-2021) Bobo and Sisk step down from Judges’ Committee (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. – The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration recently announced the judging panel for the 2021 Celebration. Included in the panel were SHOW Judges’ Committee members Chris Bobo and David Sisk. In order to prevent any conflict of interest, Bobo and Sisk will step down from the SHOW Judges’ Committee until 30 days after The Celebration.
    The committee will function with the remaining three members of Sam Sorrell, Bill Strickland and Nathan Clark until Bobo and Sisk rejoin the committee after they complete their judging duties at The Celebration. Bobo and Sisk will judge The Celebration with Derek Bonner, Brent Grider and Dale Watts.
    For more information about the SHOW HIO and rulebooks visit The 83rd Annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration will be held August 25th-September 4th.

    (6-18-2021) Be mindful of leadline participants

    The Tennessee Walking Horse industry is fortunate to have participants that range from small children to those that have experienced a full life. Many of our participants first introduction to the Tennessee Walking Horse is through our leadline classes. The parent, family and crowd participation in these classes can be some of the industry’s most enthusiastic.

    However, the SHOW rules committee would like to remind everyone that spooking a horse could result in injury for the child participating. Please be careful when using rattlers, towels and other paraphernalia that you don’t distract or spook any of the entries participating. We love our youth and want crowd participation but we also want to be mindful of the health and safety of our children.

    SHOW Clarifies Amateur Owned & Trained (.doc) (.pdf)

    (4-20-2021) The SHOW Board of Directors would like to put out for sixty (60) day public comment the attached recommendations from the SHOW Pleasure Committee.

    Beginning on page 23 and ending on page 38 of the SHOW Rulebook, the recommendation is that the parts highlighted in red be removed and the parts highlighted in blue be added. There is also an updated Flat Shod Standards Chart and at Flat Shod Division quick reference chart for judges to have on hand in center ring.

    It is the hope of the SHOW Pleasure Committee that these recommendations help to clarify some issues within judging and exhibiting in the flat shod division.

    Please forward comments to SHOW, Inc. – P.O. Box 167 – Shelbyville,TN 37162 or email to

    Division Quick Reference Chart_04-20-21 (.doc) (.pdf)

    Flat Shod Standards Chart - Updated DRAFT_04-20-21 (.xls) (.pdf)

    SHOW Pleasure Committee - Recommended Changes_04-20-21 (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHOW Makes Adjustments to Classifications of Judges_03-10-21 (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHOW Implements Penalty for Prohibited Substance Violations_03-10-21 (.doc) (.pdf)

    Industry Letter on USDA HP COVID-19 Guidelines_06-26-20 (.doc) (.pdf)

    Divisions Rule Change - 60 Day Comment (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHOW to maintain safety procedures in inspection (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHOW tabs Hatfield as Lead DQP (2020) (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHOW Judges’ Committee set for 2020 (Effective 12/5/2019) (.doc) (.pdf)

    SHOW Appeal Process (Effective 11/8/2019) -- For Immediate Release

    SHOW Changes Park Performance Shoeing Standards (9/17/2019) -- For Immediate Release

    Impression Materials (6/20/2019) -- For Immediate Release

    Board Actions (2/28/2019)

    Judges’ Advisory Group (JAG)

    Understanding The Committees

    SHOW Rules Committee Recommended Rulebook Changes

    USDA and SHOW To Host Shoeing Clinic

    USDA Visit Highlights Trainer's Meeting

    Responsibilities Of Horse Show Management

    Riner Promoted To Head DQP (2018)

    Show Management - DQP or no DQP

    Show To Measure Ponies And Horses

    Objective Post Show Violations To Carry Increased Penalty

    SHOW To Adopt TWHBEA Age Of Horse Requirements

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